How Much Money Can You Save With Efficient Client Communication?

4 min readDec 23, 2021

Time is money. Anybody knows this: especially those in construction. Any day of delay is an additional day of wages, rescheduling countless moving parts and also gambling with more uncertainty of the future. Productivity and efficiency should always be prioritized, but finding ways to maximize the two can be difficult. On top of that, how should you measure the value of efficiency?

You must think about how much your time is worth; this is the value of efficiency. You’re cutting into your own profit with each day added to the project’s timeline. Let’s say you value yourself at $100/hour, a one week delay (assuming a 40 hour per week, a dream to some) costs you $4000. That’s just the value of your time, excluding all additional costs incurred during this week-long delay; point being, you’re worth a lot, and should never take your time for granted.

Imagine being so efficient that you always have a 40 hour work week, you get two (maybe even three or four!) weeks of vacation, you can even raise your price to clients, who will pay the extra cost for you because you’re known for high quality work that is finished on time.

This is where construction management software comes in; we’re the new tool you’ve been looking for. Instead of paying a manager $50,000/ year to manage your projects, why not cut that cost by effectively managing projects on your own? Here’s a look at what Pillar can offer you, and how construction management software will save you far more money than you’ll spend on it.

Task Management

Managing tasks is vital to the success of a project, but with so many moving parts on any project, tasks can often be overlooked. There’s no such thing as a small task on site, all of them are of equal importance for the project to be completed.

Being able to manage tasks in a chronological, organized manner can significantly increase productivity on site, especially when those tasks are visible to both you and your clients. By increasing transparency with your clients, you decrease the chances that they miss deadlines, impeding on your work. Check out our task management to find out more about how task management is organized.

Selections Management

Keeping track of selections made by the client is incredibly difficult, with upwards of hundreds of selections being made by the client over the course of the project. Rather than keeping track of this through pen & paper, spreadsheets or other inefficient forms, why can’t this be managed in a centralized location?

This is where our selections tool comes in. Organized by location within the project, your clients input all selections necessary- paint, trim, finish, handles, type of glass, you get it- directly into the area of the house it corresponds to. This keeps a record of all selections made, organized by room, minimizing confusion and increasing productivity on site. It’s easier to just come see it for yourself, come request a demo to learn more about our selections tool.

File Management

Store a digital copy of all your files in one place; this includes work orders, change orders, contracts, etc. Rather than running back and forth from the office to the site to pull up any relevant documentation, you can keep it all stored in one area, visible to both you and your clients 24/7. No more frantic calls or texts from clients needing to see the work order again, file management allows them to be a little more self-sufficient, while also decreasing the amount of time you spend going back and forth from the office to the site.

Increasing Client Communication

The contractor-client relationship can be difficult to manage; from endless details lost in text messages, email chains and phone calls, it isn’t uncommon for confusion to occur between the parties. On top of our selections & task management, we offer a virtual chat room between you and your clients, organized by area of the house. If you or your client have any concerns on any part of the house, instead of texting you directly, they can message you through Pillar, directly into the area where the concern is.

On top of task, selection and file management, this adds the final piece of the puzzle to efficient client communication. With our tool, you’re able to efficiently manage all aspects of client relationships; tasks are laid out neatly for them, selections are easy to manage, files are always visible & project details are stored directly into the app.

Increasing Communication Saves You Time

Communicative aspects of projects are often the most time consuming, while also being the most inefficient. Decreasing redundant conversations by keeping you and your clients on the same page is the easiest way to increase productivity on site, which saves you countless hours. Your time is valuable, and you should take every step necessary to maximize it; the money you save by implementing construction software far outweighs the cost of purchasing it. Learn more about us; come visit our website and learn how Pillar can be one of the best tools in your arsenal.




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