How to Create a Superior Client Experience

3 min readNov 4, 2021

Any experienced contractor knows that the experience your client has while working with you is vital to landing new leads. As with any business, if the customer isn’t happy, they aren’t likely to return or suggest it to friends; this is especially true in an industry where the client and worker communicate with high frequency, such as residential construction.

In order to build your business, you should constantly focus on revising and improving the experience your client receives while working with you. Here are some tips on how to deliver a superior client experience every time.

Communication is Key

Effectively communicating throughout the entirety of the project is key to creating a superior experience. Presenting information such as work to be done within the week, deadlines for selections & scheduled subs are all information that the homeowner should be aware of. This can be accomplished through emails, texts, phone calls, but is more easily accomplished through utilizing contractor-client communication software (discussed later). Miscommunication between contractors and clients are the culprit behind a variety of common issues during the project, hence streamlining communication will reduce the chance of miscommunication causing avoidable delays.

Holding yourself accountable to a high, effective level of communication is the foundation of a superior client experience. They’ll appreciate your efforts of going above and beyond to keep them involved in the lifespan of their project, and be more likely to become a repeat client who also generates leads.

Try Your Best To Be Available, Always

Prospective clients move on quickly, making your availability vital to the chance of landing a new client. If possible, having a separate phone for work makes communicating much easier (make sure to keep the ringer on), while also having notifications on for email and your social media accounts (if you haven’t already set up a social media account, we highly recommend it, as younger clients are finding their contractors based on the work they post online).

We understand that you’re not always available to take a phone call; you might be out on site with another client. This is why Pillar has enabled notifications to streamline communication for smaller, yet still important, information from your clients.

Your client doesn’t necessarily have to call you to let you know that they finalized their selection for, let’s say a dishwasher, in their kitchen remodel. Instead, they can post the selection into the kitchen portion of the remodel; you’ll get a notification, such as “Stacy posted selection into 1234 East Adams Ave Kitchen Remodel”. You’re then aware that the selection has been finalized without wasting time on the phone, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Implement Communication Software

Communication software is similar, yet slightly different from general project management software; communication software offers all the benefits of PM software, allowing you to more effectively manage your projects, but emphasizes the involvement of the client, which increases communication on the project. This is especially important in residential construction; remodels and custom home builds are always different and come with their own set of challenges. No two homeowners ever want the exact same thing, making it incredibly important to find a way for clients to effectively communicate what they want out of their remodel. Hence, contractor-client communication softwares, such as Pillar, offer various ways for the client to communicate what they want out of their remodel, all in an intuitive, easy to use platform that can be learned by anybody of any age.

Any business can reap the benefits of streamlining communication. Saving time by effectively managing communication can save you weeks of your year, opening up time for you to take on a new project, grow your business or take a vacation — what you do with the time is completely up to you.

Communicate Better Through Pillar

We’re here to help you work more efficiently. After working with hundreds of contractors, we’ve designed- and are constantly revising- a software that allows contractors of any size to effectively manage their projects and their clients.

To find out how communication software can benefit you, come request a free demo through our website, no obligation to ever use it. We’d love to show you how it works and get some feedback, as we said, we’re constantly revising our platform to meet contractors needs.

Pick Pillar and find out how efficient communication can be.




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