Sustainability and Construction: A Benefit to All

3 min readNov 15, 2021

Recently, there’s been a huge emphasis on sustainability as it relates to the operations of all industries; considering the breadth of impact the construction industry as a whole has on consumption of materials, there’s been a huge emphasis on promoting sustainable practices in construction.

The use of project management technology, eco-friendly building materials and green manufacturing techniques are just a few of the ways construction is moving toward creating environmental and economical sustainability. Green construction, also known as green building, has many benefits for not only the environment but also for builders and their clients.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of green building, and how the movement into sustainable construction is leading to a positive change in the industry as a whole, to the benefit of both builders and clients alike.

Minimize costs, maximize value

Reducing the cost of projects is paramount for the success of the industry. While cutting back on transportation costs, increasing efficiency and finding high quality subs can all accomplish this, the quickest and most reliable way to cut back on costs is to utilize sustainable resources.

Sustainable resources accomplish this through requiring less energy needed during the building process. Less energy means reduced cost, which increases profits, which increases the long term value of the project once completed.

The market for sustainable construction is growing at an alarming rate; the number of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building registrations has increased from 296 in 2006 to nearly 70,000 in 2019. The demand is only increasing, as more and more homeowners across the world are becoming environmentally conscious; solidifying the fact that construction firms who aren’t already adopting sustainable practices are falling behind.

Ditch the Paper

Projects require incredible amounts of planning, which implies meticulous paperwork. Managing all this paperwork is a task in itself- file management is a whole monster on its own, and becomes even more monstrous when you need to run back and forth from project to project to bring necessary paperwork to a project when things go awry.

Project management technology, like Pillar, offers file management already built in; draft up your paperwork online, have clients sign it digitally and store it directly into the app, within the project it belongs to. Files are then visible to both you and your clients 24/7, with no need to run back and forth from the office to the site when references to work orders are needed. Not only are you saving time and money, but practicing sustainability by cutting back on both paper and transportation.

Landing leads, scheduling multiple jobs, tracking daily work and managing team members is incredibly difficult to accomplish simply through pen and paper. Implementing technology into your daily process will reduce the amount of time, money, and environmental impact you have; all attractive to clients.

Reduce Rework and Produce Less Waste

According to the online source Construction Executive, construction has a rework rate of up to 30%. This is an incredible loss to the industry, which highlights the need to find ways to reduce the amount of rework done in the industry.

Utilizing locally sourced materials is a great way to adopt green practices; not only are you supporting local businesses, you’re also cutting back on the internal and external costs of transportation. On top of using green materials, managing your project through the use of project management software increases efficiency and communication on the site, reducing the chance of rework and saving you money.

With the use of renewable resources and materials, green building is a great start in the effort to reduce the environmental impact of construction. By using renewable resources in addition to project management software, construction companies are able to drastically cut back on the amount of rework for each project with efficient communication, which decreases the amount of waste and saves both time and money.

Sustainable Practices and Better Management

Our team at Pillar is excited to show you all the ways we can help you effectively communicate with and manage your clients and projects, while also taking a step in the green direction; come schedule a demo today to learn how your company can benefit from Pillar.




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