The Nightmare Of Handling Selections, Solved

3 min readFeb 1, 2022


Any general contractor knows the difficulty of handling client based decisions– specifically, the hundreds of selections that go into every project. The larger the project, the more selections to make, and with fully custom homes, this includes everything. Door handles, trims, finishes, paint colors, types of glass, faucets, lightbulbs; the list goes on and on, which is no wonder why keeping track of selections is one of the most difficult parts of the residential construction project.

Aside from making the selections, keeping a record of all of them is nearly impossible; clients will often forget what they ordered, and naturally, you may occasionally order an incorrect item. Considering the fact that there is no efficient way to track all of these selections– and more so, no way to effectively communicate selections with clients- it’s no wonder that details frequently become convoluted, which leads to delays and dissatisfied clients. At Pillar, we asked one question; why hasn’t anybody fixed this yet?

The Power Of Proper Communication

One of the biggest challenges facing any contractor-client relationship is the aspect of communication; face to face meetings are important, but only details that exist during the point of conversation can be discussed. As far as revisions and changes, these have to be discussed over text, phone or during the next meeting. Details get lost in texts & the next meeting might not be every day; why not use something more efficient?

This is why we created a built in chat to discuss selections with your clients. Not only are all selections efficiently managed through Pillar’s services, but any prevalent details surrounding selections- such as changing styles, clarifying aspects or issues- can all be easily discussed and stored within the place the selection was made. Rather than losing details amongst texts, emails or notes, why not just store details in one consolidated location, easing communication between you and your clients?

Improved Client Satisfaction

Clients never want to feel out of the loop. We know you do your best to keep them updated on everything going on with their project, but you can’t be there all the time. With Pillar, they’re able to actively track the progress of their project, from completed tasks to unfinalized selections to upcoming due dates. If they have a change that pops up when you’re off for the day, they can input this change directly into Pillar; you’ll receive a notification to review the change.

Client’s being able to actively manage their selections even while you’re away increases their involvement in the project. This is a win-win; they are able to easily communicate their vision with you, and you can actively manage their decisions even while away from them.

If any of their selections aren’t possible, simply decline their request, write an explanation in the chat and submit. They’ll receive a notification that their selection needs to be reviewed, streamlining communication and expediting the selection decision process.

Increasing communication and involvement both increase client satisfaction, while simultaneously increasing productivity. Along with an increase in overall project efficiency, Pillar offers an affordable, intuitive solution to managing your business and increasing communication and satisfaction with your clients.

Is Pillar Right For You?

We know almost everyone in construction has heard of some form of construction management software. However, after interviewing hundreds of contractors, we found two issues; communication between contractors and their clients isn’t efficiently managed through these softwares, and they’re incredibly difficult to learn.

Our mission was simple; develop a software that’s easy to use and increases communication between contractors and their clients. And that’s what we’ve created; the simplest, most effective software on the market. Come visit our website to learn more, or request early access to save on your subscription to Pillar before we fully release. Spots are limited; don’t wait until it’s too late.




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