Traits of Effective Project Managers

4 min readDec 9, 2021

A construction project manager oversees the planning, design and construction of a project from beginning to end. In larger projects, someone is delegated this position specifically; however, in smaller projects, it is common for the general contractor to assume the role of the project manager.

Regardless if you’re specifically a PM, or a GC taking on the responsibilities of a project manager, there are common traits amongst all effective project managers that allow them to effectively oversee pre-design planning, resource allocation & progress monitoring. Here are 5 skills that every effective project manager exhibits.

Effective Communication

Communication is the key to any successful business running smoothly, construction being no exception. All successful businesses emphasize the importance of communication within their day to day processes, as having all departments working in unison expedites goal completion and maximizes efficiency.

Any successful project manager is able to effectively manage in person meetings to properly express their ideas, make decisions and resolve issues. Countless successful project managers utilize construction management software to streamline communication with their clients. They communicate frequently to ensure that no loose ends exist within the project, resolving any issues within the project before they become too gargantuan.

Delegation of Tasks

An experienced project manager understands that it is impossible to fully manage all details of the project on their own. For the success of the project, it’s incredibly important for them to be able to communicate project details and status to other skilled workers on site.

Building trust with other workers and being able to rely on a team of workers to complete a task is vital for success of the project. Allowing teams to remain somewhat autonomous, while also remaining approachable so that the PM can resolve issues when they arise significantly increases efficiency on site, while also increasing communication by building trust with the workers. Breathing down their neck and micromanaging is a great way to make workers feel uncomfortable to approach the PM about issues that arise; effective PM’s are able to create a relationship that allows workers a level of freedom while also remaining approachable to resolve issues.

Top-notch Organization

There’s hundreds of moving parts in a construction project, which makes them incredibly difficult to effectively manage. Day by day, something changes; materials become unavailable, adjustments need to be made and the status of the project needs to be reevaluated. It’s no easy task, as any PM knows.

Effective PM’s are able to focus on the end goal, getting work done regardless of delays, and always shifting the objective of the day. Even if the predetermined plan for the day fails, there’s always some other work that can be done. Project managers with construction management software are able to easily push back objectives and communicate this across their entire team instantly, minimizing confusion amongst workers and increasing overall levels of productivity. There’s always work to be done, and being able to turn an improvised schedule into something concrete for the entire team to follow adds tremendous value.

Effective Problem Solving

Nothing ever goes as planned on site, making problem solving an essential skill for any PM to possess. Having a plan A, B and C is essential to make sure that work can always get done and to continue efficiency in the project.

Project managers should always plan for the worst case scenario, and be able to jump into action quickly when problems arise. Being able to resolve issues, implement a backup plan and continue work is essential; even a loss of an hour can be costly. Maximizing efficiency and continually chipping away at the project is essential, and only project managers who can effectively solve problems can manage this.

End Goal Mindset

While tracking the daily progress of a project, a successful project manager should always be focused on the bigger picture, the end-goal. Little details are often the most difficult to effectively manage, but this won’t deter effective project managers, as they tackle these problems when they arise instead of procrastinating them.

Compartmentalizing this overall goal into smaller, manageable tasks is how effective project managers are able to keep their eyes on the end goal without getting overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to tackle. The only way to eat an elephant is by taking it bite by bite; any effective project manager lives and breathes this, whether they know it or not.

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